Laboratories and Healthcare

NevisDATA offers an all-in-one solution for healthcare and laboratories which allows monitoring all critical parameters that concern storage and transport of samples, reagents, blood, drugs, etc. This solution is a centralized management system that has the capability of being auditable while meeting ISO’s standards requirements for Quality Management Systems (QMS). NevisDATA is responsible for:

  • Monitoring critical parameters that concern storage and transport of samples, reagents, blood, drugs et cetera.
  • Managing alarms, incidences and warnings.
  • Auditing incidences and measures.
  • Processing and visualizing collected data.

Food Industry

Food safety has become a primary issue for the entire food industry. Increasingly restrictive legislation and increasing demands from customers make constant monitoring and full traceability essential. NevisDATA provides a solution to monitor all physical parameters that concern production, storage and transport of food and ensures compliance with quality standards such as HACCP, GMP or ISO. NevisDATA allows:

  • Continuous measurement of physical parameters in production, storage and transport of food
  • Possible configuration of each sensor to be able to meet the product’s quality requirements
  • Tracing of each batch and every item
  • Management of warnings, alarms and incidences


Pharmaceutical products must be handled and transported under strictly controlled environmental conditions. Even the slightest increase in temperature while handling the products can lead to deterioration, invalid results and considerable losses in revenue. This makes permanent monitoring of these critical parameters essential. Therefore, NevisDATA offers a complete solution to:

  • Ensure product quality by meeting the European Commission’s GDP’s
  • Monitor critical parameters that concern drug production, storage and transport
  • Implement geolocation and real-time tracking during drug transport
  • Manage warnings, incidences and alarms

Other Purposes

The wide range of sensors that can be used by NevisDATA offers an infinity of applications. From the monitoring of physical and chemical parameters to geolocation, NevisDATA offers a wide range of possibilities and purposes in many different sectors such as:

  • Laboratories, industries and enterprises that want to measure electricity or water consumption
  • Warehouses. NevisDATA allows an automatized management by using RFID tags.
  • Access control by using sensors or RFID tags
  • Any other purposes that involve monitoring or measurement

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