How does it work?

NevisDATA consists of two electronic devices (Array & Canal) that are responsible for data gathering and tracking and of a software application which is responsible for processing the gathered data and showing them to the user.

Funcionamiento de NevisDATA

Array measures physical parameters through sensors. Once Array has collected the measures, it sends them to Canal. Canal is responsible for collecting all measures collected by Arrays. Canal sends the collected data to NevisDATA software through a GSM. NevisDATA software processes data and performs preconfigured actions such as incidence management, data displaying, etc.

What can NevisDATA do?

NevisDATA can be responsible for measuring and tracking critical parameters to ensure that they are between established ranges. In case of going out of range, NevisDATA performs the pre-programmed actions that the user has established.

NevisLIMS integration

NevisDATA can be integrated with NevisLIMS to achieve a complete management of the laboratory, which allows us to manage:

  • Real-time temperature and geolocation tracking of shipments
  • Sample shipments/receipts
  • Location of samples in their destination

NevisDATA Devices


This device is responsible for measuring physical parameters through sensors and sending them to Canal.

It can be plugged into a power supply or be used with its own battery. Its battery lasts up to 3 months.

It’s suitable for 200+ types of sensors to collect physical and chemical measures. It can combine different types of sensors at the same time.

  • Physical measures: Temperature, Moisture, Pressure, Flow rate, etc.
  • Chemical measures: pH, EC, CO2, O2, etc.
  • Gases: Propane, Carbon monoxide, Hydrogen, etc.
  • Toxic solvents: Alcohol, Toluene, Xylene, etc.


This device is responsible for receiving data that have been sent from Arrays and sending them to NevisDATA software.

Each Canal allows the data reception from up to 125 Arrays. It can also work as an Array with 4 simultaneous sensors.

It’s plugged into a power supply and includes a battery that can last for 24 hours without electrical feeding, avoiding data lost in case of electric supply failure.

NevisDATA Software

Cloud-based software that allows real-time data storage with high availability anytime, anywhere.

NevisDATA software allows:

  • Displaying, comparing and evaluating collected data
  • Customizing notifications through e-mail or SMS
  • Taking care of users’ access to data
  • Geolocating devices
  • Configuring different specifications for each sensor or device
  • Doing a complete tracking of measured parameters

NevisDATA Services

Requirements analysis and installation

ICSA has developed a methodology focused on meeting the customer’s requirements to ensure a successful installation of NevisDATA. Our technicians are responsible of evaluating the customer’s system and finding a solution that fits the customer’s requirements. Once the installation is completed, our technicians perform a test to ensure the correct performance of NevisDATA and they offer a training course to teach the customer how to configure and use NevisDATA software.

Calibration and Validation

It complies with FDA 21 chapter 11 and is validated by IQ/OQ. NevisDATA can be validated to use in the pharmaceutical industry. Data is registered and logged according to the highest industry standards, ensuring integrity, security, and traceability.


Besides annual calibration, ICSA offers a maintenance service to fix system issues that can appear during system performance. This ensures good performance of the system and customer’s satisfaction.

NevisDATA Solutions

Complete Solution

NevisDATA is a complete solution for the end-user. It provides the sensors, the Arrays, the Canals and the software NevisDATA.

Moreover, NevisDATA‘s complete solution can be used together with other solutions without missing its utility:

  • NevisDATA devices with third party sensors: t’s possible to integrate third party sensors with NevisDATA devices. These sensors will work as NevisDATA’s own sensors.
  • NevisDATA devices with Nevis LIMS: it’s possible to integrate NevisDATA devices with NevisLIMS without using NevisDATA software.
  • NevisDATA software with third-party hardware: it’s possible to integrate third party hardware and use NevisDATA software to manage collected data.

Autonomous Solution

NevisDATA is an autonomous solution that can work without external requirements.

Canal is connected to the Internet through a GSM network.

It has an autonomous power supply. All NevisDATA devices have batteries. Canal batteries can last up to 24 hours and Array batteries can last up to 3 months. It’s possible to use more durable batteries.

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