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No Hardware, No Software, No Problems!

No more Hardware

Nevis LIMS is a cloud-based service. This is a potential advantage as investment in hardware is not required. This then means it is not dependent on a specialized IT Department. These features make Nevis LIMS the most affordable option on the market.

Faster implementation and higher personalization

It only requires a couple of days to configure and personalize Nevis LIMS. After that, you can continue working as usual.


The purchasing of software licenses is not necessary when working with Nevis LIMS. The only costs applied are those of implementation and technical support.

High Data Security & Availability

Nevis LIMS is a cloud-based LIMS built using the most secure technologies with the aim of preserving and securing data.

Only requires a web browser

You can access Nevis LIMS from any device such as PC, Tablet or Smartphone. You will only need an Internet connection and a web browser.

No more “system-breaking” updates

Nevis LIMS does not require a new configuration or integration after it has been updated. Each update of Nevis LIMS is designed to correct any detected bugs and preserve data integrity. Moreover, it is designed to avoid data modifications.

Dolores Franco, CEO de ICSA


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“El futuro está en las nubes, Cloud Computing!”

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Àlvar Cuevas, dirección Departamento TIC

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Target Audience

Nevis, your LIMS

Nevis LIMS is aimed toward all types of laboratories, while small laboratories usually find both the shorter time and cheaper cost of implementation to be defining factors.

Ranging from the smallest to the biggest laboratories, Nevis LIMS adapts to work with your laboratory’s own processes. Consequently, the time needed to set up a Nevis LIMS project depends on the complexity and quantity of the processes from the laboratory. However, ICSA has vast experience in LIMS implementations for:

Environmental laboratories, water control laboratories, quality control laboratories,…

NevisLIMS, the cloud LIMS

The main feature of Nevis LIMS is a cloud-based LIMS. It only requires a device (PC, Tablet, Smartphone) with Internet connection to access Nevis LIMS. Moreover, Nevis LIMS guarantees high availability and data security.

NevisLIMS is a Laboratory Information Management System

Nevis LIMS offers a centralized and secure way to manage the laboratory’s information. It increases productivity and enables high personalization of the processes of the laboratory.

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