Nevis LIMS allows the management of sample collection, sample analysis, etc.

Nevis LIMS includes an ERP module to manage invoices, customers and budgets. It can also be integrated with other ERP programs.

Nevis LIMS allows an entire sample management. Nevis covers all the sampling process, from sample collection to sample storage.

Nevis LIMS includes an intuitive interface to manage all reagents, samples, etc. stored in the laboratory.

Nevis LIMS allows quality control, ensuring excellent analytical results.

Nevis LIMS manages all nonconformities and incidences of the Quality Management System in a simple and easy way.

Nevis LIMS allows an easy management of users, groups and user roles.

Nevis LIMS allows keeping a continuous tracking of samples, reagents, documents, etc.

Nevis LIMS includes a document management system that meets the requeriments of the ISO 17025 Standard

Nevis LIMS includes an intuitive interface to manage all instruments and equipment of the laboratory and keep them ready to use

Nevis LIMS ensures data integrity, data privacy and data transmissions using the newest cryptographic methods.

This is the most important feature of Nevis LIMS. It can be adapted to any requeriment or process of the laboratory.

Laboratory Management

Regardless of the size of the laboratory or its workflow, Nevis LIMS offers an easy and intuitive management of analytical results.

Pantalla Inicio Nevis LIMS

ERP Module

Nevis LIMS includes an ERP module that manages the laboratory’s customers and suppliers as well as the invoicing system.

This module also allows you to generate statistics to show the situation of the laboratory.

Sample Collection

Nevis LIMS makes the sample collection process easier, this is why it has various predefined steps::

Once the laboratory has accepted the customer’s budget, Nevis LIMS automatically generates the sample collection process in the system, getting it ready for sample collection. Nevis LIMS can also generate adhesive labels to carry out proper control over the collected samples and measured parameters associated with the samples.

Moreover, Moreover, Nevis LIMS can be integrated with Nevis DATA to allow a real-time display when tracking the collected samples.

Sistema de rastreo de las muestras de Nevis LIMS integrado en Google Maps

Once the sample comes into the laboratory, Nevis LIMS registers the sample by using the RFID adhesive label previously generated at the moment of sample collection. The next step is the analytical process of the sample and the result introduction.

Result Introduction

Once the samples come into the laboratory and they are analyzed, is time to enter the analytical results. Nevis LIMS provides an intuitive interface for doing that.

Interfaz de introducción de resultados de Nevis LIMS

Automatically, Nevis LIMS calculates, based on previously configured templates if the parameters of the sample meets the template requeriements.

Nevis LIMS automatically calculates, based on previously configured templates, if the parameters of the sample meet the template requirements.

Laboratory Stock Management

Nevis LIMS includes a module to make the management of reagents and other materials easy and intuitive.

It can manage the stock of other types of products that the laboratory uses on a daily basis.

Moreover, it is possible to integrate this module with the ERP module to achieve a comprehensive control of the expenses in the laboratory supplies.

Analytical Sequences

Through analytical sequence management, Nevis LIMS ensures optimal management of the analytical results and keeps an auditable traceability of the file.

To do that, Nevis has an internal hierarchy to group the samples and their determinations together under analytical sequences. This feature simplifies the search process or the editing process.

Variance Management

By using its result introduction interface, Nevis will mark all determinations that don’t meet the requirements specified in the calculation templates as non-conforming determinations.

Interfaz de gestión de la no conformidad en las determinaciones

In order to detect and solve these problems, Nevis LIMS includes an incidence management interface. Using this interface makes it possible to take action in order to solve and correct the problem.

Users and Groups Management

Nevis LIMS classifies users according to the roles that every user has. It also enables the classification of users in groups. The Nevis LIMS interface makes it easier to manage the users, groups and user roles. /p>

Asignación de tareas por operarios en Nevis LIMS

Task division

Nevis allows task assignment for every user by using a simple and intuitive interface, which lets them manage the work units. This ensures an improvement in the laboratory workflow management.

Tracking management

One of the essential needs of the laboratories is to track the file. To do that, Nevis LIMS has a tracking system that covers everything from sample collection to sample storage, allowing the laboratory to keep an auditable sample management system.

Sistema de Tracking de muestras de Nevis LIMS

Nevis uses an RFID system to register the samples and make management easier.

Documentation under control

Nevis makes managing the laboratory’s documentation task easier by sorting reports, invoices, delivery notes, manuals, etc. in an easier and simple way.

Interfaz de gestión de documentos de Nevis LIMS

Moreover, it’s possible to specify states for every document. This makes the management of the documents easier according to their state.

Ready-to-use instruments

Nevis has a simple interface for laboratory instruments and equipment management. In this interface it is possible to view all the instruments and equipment, work on planning the management and view all maintenance activities that have been executed.

Interfaz degestión de instrumentos en Nevis LIMS

It also includes an incidence management system to keep track of the instruments and equipment.

Physical Security

Nevis is a cloud-based LIMS and it’s hosted in Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS servers meet all requeriments of ISO 27001 Standard, ensuring physical security of data.

Logical Security

To ensure secure communications and data transmission, Nevis LIMS uses the safest cryptographic methods such as Camellia256 and DHE_RSA, thereby avoiding undesired access to the system or data.

It’s also possible to set up user accounts to define who can access Nevis. Nevis access can be done by a user/password scheme or through an electronic certificate.

Nevis, a LIMS that fits to the laboratory

Nevis LIMS is designed to be 100% customizable to cover the laboraotry requeriments. To do that, Nevis includes a configuration interface to change from label appearence to report appearance.

Configuring Nevis is easy and intuitive. With a few clicks it is possible to configure templates, workflows, and many other things.

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